Our Honey

Our Honey

Madu Efi is 100% pure and unprocessed, extracted straight from the hives and minimally filter. Therefore it naturally includes pollen, bee wax and occasionally bee bits. And because Madu Efi is 100% natural, its colour depends on the flowers that bloom during the nectar flow. The colour of our honey varies from time to time and ranges from water white to light amber.

Madu Efi is collected by our bees from the nectar of Dahlia, Mexican clover, Mandarin blossoms, Salvia, Calliandra, Sunflower, Hibiscus, Coffee flowers and other wildflowers.

Madu EfiNewly introduced 425 gr @Rp. 165.000 (Medan only)

For Jakarta and natiowide, price may vary based on delivery cost

Our offer of bee pollens for our customers in Medan: 100 gr @Rp. 175rb

For Jakarta and nationwide (Including shipping): 100 gr @Rp. 200rb